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State Border Control 8 November 2021

In the Maribor police directorate area, the Slovenian police are being assisted by 6 Austrian, 20 Slovakian, 20 Hungarian and 5 French colleagues. At 11 am today, they were joined by 20 Latvian and another 7 Austrian officers, who arrived at the Gruškovje reception centre to assist Slovenian and foreign police officers in migration-related work.

At the Gru┼íkovje Border Police Station, the Latvian and Austrian colleagues were welcomed on behalf of the Maribor Police Directorate by its Assistant Director Rafael Viltu┼żnik and by Branko Viher, Head of Uniformed Police Division of the Maribor Police Directorate. They introduced them to the Slovenian police officers, who will coordinate their work, Bojan Gregori─Ź and Mirko Skuhala, both Assistant Commanders of the Gru┼íkovje Border Police Station.  PB110966

Senior police inspectors of the Police Academy Aleksander Mali, Egidij Glavi─Ź, Grega Novak, and Bojan Gregori─Ź gave the newly-arrived colleagues an overview of the currents situation in the country, especially as regards the migration-related situation in the area of Maribor police directorate.


Branko Viher, Head of Uniformed Police Division of the Maribor Police Directorate

They also outlined our expectations regarding foreign assistance, the legal basis for foreign police officers' work (Pr├╝m decision), police powers, the use of means of coercion and the functioning of the border police. They also instructed the foreign officers on the duties they will be performing in the area of Maribor police directorate.


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Afterwards, the Latvian officers met with media representatives and visited the Gruškovje reception centre.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows - available information