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Austrian security bodies are still receiving migrants in the agreed way, and have not limited their intake yet. Today, the Slovenian police have sent the first 500 foreigners to the entry point in Ć entilj after registering them, where Austrian security bodies have begun to take in foreigners again. Reception procedures are still being carried out, and there has not been anything unusual so far.

Based on the agreement with Austria, the handing over still takes place at Karavanke and in PodroĆŸca, and, from today, also in Ć entilj, where migrants are accommodated in the new reception centre. From Dobova centre, migrants will travel by train to the makeshift railway stop in Ć entilj, which is very close to the accommodation centre. From there, the Slovenian police will hand them over to Austrian police officers. Civil protection services and humanitarian organisations will take care of migrants while they are waiting.

All migrants that will be denied entry by Austrian security bodies will be registered again, and handed over to Austria again. If they request asylum here, the relevant procedure will be initiated in accordance with the International Protection Act.

If Austria reduces the influx of migrants, we foresee the same measure at our external Schengen border.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows