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Police Day - 27 June 1 October 2009

These days the Slovenian Police are organising several events to celebrate 27 June, designated as National Police Day. This date was chosen to remind us of the ten-day war for independence and the historic events of 1991, when the Police joined in battle with the Slovenian people to fight against the aggressive force of the Yugoslav Army, which wanted to prevent the inevitable through the use of force.

pozdrav avla

Minister of the Interior Dragutin Mate, Deputy Director General of the Police Matjaž Šinkovec, Assistant Director of the Uniformed Police Directorate, General Police Directorate Janez Rupnik, Assistant Director of the Criminal Police Directorate, General Police Directorate Tatjana Bobnar, and Vice President of the Police Veterans Association - SEVER Dr Tomaž Čas gathered today, 27 June, in the hall of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia to lay a garland on the commemorative plaque dedicated to the police officers and members of the civilian police who were killed in 1991. They also paid their respects to the deceased in the war for Slovenia at the monument dedicated to them at Žale Cemetery. They laid a garland and lit candles in their memory.

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The memorial event was also attended by personnel of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police, as well as by relatives of the deceased and police officers injured in the war for Slovenia.

The Quartet of the Police Orchestra played Silence.