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Speeding is one of the main factors in traffic accidents both on Slovenian and on other European roads, in particular in those with the most serious consequences. That is why from today up to 1 May and between 28 June and 4 July, the campaign: "Speed - Slower is Safer" will be carried out by police officers working in co-operation with some national and non-governmental organisations.

Robert Vehovec from the Traffic Police Division at the General Police Directorate in his opening speech at today's press conference said: "With this preventive campaign we chiefly want to influence people to accept speed limits as informal norms and to become aware that even the smallest amount of speeding may be fatal."


Robert Vehovec

By means of a proactive approach and at the same time measuring speeds where this is necessary we may significantly improve traffic safety. During this year?s preventive campaign: "Speed - Slower is Safer", police officers will pay attention particularly to speeding in built up areas as well as to repeat-offenders and the drivers who violate speed limits the most.

In addition to many other participants, representatives of the Union of Drivers and Mechanics Associations of Slovenia will join city traffic wardens in cooperating with their services using all available fixed speed monitors during their preventive activities.

As emphasised by the President of the Association of Municipal Traffic Wardens of Slovenia, Boris Sodja, speeds in built up areas are still too high and in order to reach a satisfactory situation they should be lowered by a further 10 km/h.

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Boris Sodja

"The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency will organize a round table discussion within the framework of the preventive campaign. Driving Schools and organisations which carry out safe driving courses and examination centres will be invited to organise a free-of-charge lecture on the subject of speed and enable the candidates to verify their theoretical knowledge', said the representative of the Agency, Vesna Marinko.

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Vesna Marinko

In 2010, for the first time in a long while, speeding has no longer been the principal cause of fatal traffic accidents which surely represents an important move forward in the field of calming speed on Slovenian roads. Out of all traffic accidents, 19% less people died in comparison to 2009, and the number of severely injured people was reduced by 17% and lightly injured persons has decreased by 16%.

Last year speeding was the cause of 4,030 traffic accidents. The most frequent persons responsible for the traffic accidents of this kind are aged between 24 and 34 but speeding is often linked to some other factors, such as, being on the wrong side of the road and driving in the wrong direction, irregularities when overtaking and ignoring rules regarding priority.

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With a more consistent respect for speed limits and suitable adaptation of driving to road conditions many lives might be saved since the level of injuries rises proportionately with the level of speed. The fact that "slower" is also really safer is shown by the data that the probability of death of a pedestrian upon a collision at 50 km/h is as much as 85% and at a speed of 30km/h this is reduced to less than 10%.

At the start of the preventive campaign: "Speed - Slower is Safer" a member of the society "Še vedno vozim, vendar ne hodim" (I can still drive but I cannot walk), Borut Pervanja attended the press conference, and warned everybody present with his story about the dangers brought about by speeding and alcohol.

Good weather conditions which attract numerous cyclists and motorcyclists also have an influence on a greater number of traffic accidents. All traffic participants are thus invited to respect traffic regulations and drive carefully. Because holidays are ahead of us, traffic congestion is expected which is why drivers are particularly warned to set off from home on time and to be tolerant on the roads.