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Today the four-day training session of police peer counsellors is ending. Police officers who during their work have had to use the worst coercive measures or have experienced a traumatic situation attended this training.

The internationally recognized and established police psychologist, Prof. Roger Solomon, together with his Finnish colleague, Juho Jaevelin participated in the training for the second consecutive year. They were joined by psychologists employed in the Police and at the Ministry of the Interior.

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The Deputy Director General of the Police, Tatjana Bobnar, LL.M., during today's conclusion of training, said, among other things, that satisfied workers are the foundation of safety and trust placed by citizens in the Police, who are workers who are given suitable support and assistance when needed by the system in which they work. "That is why it is to be complimented that psychologists and police peer counsellors are very committed to giving mutual assistance to co-workers who have to deal with traumatic events during their regular work. There is a large demand wish for the training sessions which we have in this field and this ensures that psychologists and police peer counsellors will take good care of police officers in their most critical moments". The fact that Slovenian police peer counsellors are truly devoted to assisting their colleagues, has been pointed out by Dr. Solomon who also welcomed the efforts and activities both of the leadership of the Slovenian Police and all participating psychologists, police peer counsellors and others working in this field. Only a very small number of Police forces around the world can boast the same.

The project of peer police counsellors whereby the psychological assistance is offered by police officers, who are distinguished and respected in their environment and within their team and have a great deal of operational experience, represents an improvement of the project of 24-hour psychological emergency assistance to police officers introduced on 1 December 2009.