border crossings

Reopening of the Holmec border crossing 6 April 2020
Information for passengers at border crossings regarding quarantine and isolation 6 April 2020
Two more border crossing points open at the Slovenian-Hungarian border 2 April 2020
Austria closes four more checkpoints on the border with Slovenia; as of April 2 only nine checkpoints remain open 1 April 2020
Temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU means third-country nationals can enter Slovenia only in urgent cases 31 March 2020
Delays set to continue into Easter holidays despite temporary relaxation of systematic checks 12 April 2017
Solutions to shorten waiting times at border crossing points being sought 10 April 2017
Measures to loosen up waiting times at border crossings now in place 9 April 2017
Tailbacks at main border crossings? Use a less frequented border post 7 April 2017
Systematic border checks of all travellers at external Schengen borders to start on 7 April 28 March 2017
All border crossing points with Croatia are open 11 November 2015
Police work at largest border crossing of ObreĆŸje 14 August 2014
Foreign officers assist Slovenian police at GruĆĄkovje and ObreĆŸje during Eurobasket 2013 12 September 2013
Slovenian and Croatian home affairs and police leaders visit Dragonja border-crossing point 24 July 2013
Introduction of joint border controls and conditions for crossing the border at border crossing points after Croatia's joining the European Union on 1 July 2013 28 June 2013
Imeno border crossing post back in operation; Sedlarjevo again intended for local border traffic only 11 July 2012
As of 1 July 2011 Izola (Isola) Border Crossing Point for international maritime traffic is closed 30 June 2011
Nearly 25 kilos of heroin seized by police at GruĆĄkovje - information from the press conference 3 November 2009
Border Crossings 21 October 2009
During summer holidays, occasional traffic jams can occur - warning to drivers before travelling 26 June 2009
Cooperation of Slovenian and Croatian police officers in the Frontex operation Neptune 2009 ? information from the press conference 15 May 2009
Tolerance on roads and border crossings, caution with pyrotechnics and bonfires, protect yourselves against burglaries - preventive advice for safer May Day holidays 23 April 2009
On border crossing ObreĆŸje 128 kg of marihuana discovered - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
Caution during the Easter holidays 9 April 2009
Traffic across international border crossing Rigonce obstructed - information 9 January 2009
Seizure of greater quantities of anabolic steroids and heroin - police press conference 6 January 2009
Turkish lorry driver found with large quantity of heroin at GruĆĄkovje - information from the press conference 18 November 2008
Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation in Dolga Vas commences work 2 June 2008
Imeno Border Crossing Point Temporarily Closed 29 April 2008
Decree Defining the Area of the International and Interstate Traffic Border Crossing of the Republic of Slovenia at the External Border of the EU Entering into Force 27 February 2008
Entry, exit or transit of unaccompanied minors into/from the Republic of Croatia 21 February 2008
Distribution of keys for crossing the border with the Republic of Croatia 28 November 2007