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Alcohol and excessive speed are unfortunately still the two most common factors in road accidents with the most serious consequences. For this reason, the police will be carrying out more stringent controls of the mental and physical state of drivers throughout the country between 1 and 7 June 2009.

In the preventive campaign for safety on roads Alcohol kills - most often the innocent, the carrier of which in Slovenia is the Ministry of Health, other ministries and institutions will also be actively involved besides the police.  Controls of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and psychoactive substances are coordinated with all European polices and will during this time take place across all European Union.

Numerous stringent controls also on local and regional roads

In addition to the joint campaign, police officers will carry out numerous stringent controls at the local level on these days. Controls carried out by police officers on various road routes (local and regional) will identify drivers under the influence of alcohol, drugs and psychoactive medicines, measure speed and identify other violations of traffic regulations. In this year, the campaign will be repeated in two additional periods:

  • between 5 and 12 November and
  • between 1 and 31 December 2009.


Driving under the influence of alcohol can kill!

Alcohol first reduces the capacity for normal judgement, which is followed by a reduced capacity of perception, misjudgements of distances, slow reactions, impaired balance, narrowed field of vision, and so on. Alcohol can remain in the human organism for up to 12 hours, which means that the morning after drinking alcoholic drinks we are still not fully capable of driving safely, or in other words, a breath test can reveal a concentration of alcohol that is still above the permitted level.

 MG 0784

Advice to road users:

  • Do not drink and drive. Only drive sober!
  • Pedestrians, walk on the left side of the carriageway. Where there is no pavements, at night and in conditions of reduced visibility you should be properly marked (reflective clothing, torches, etc.).
  • You should also observe other road traffic regulations, in particular rules on speed, right of way, overtaking, the use of safety belts and mobile phones, and safety distance.

We particularly warn all owners of catering establishments and organisers of entertainment events at which alcohol will be sold that they should observe the provisions of the Restriction of the Use of Alcohol Act. Do not serve alcoholic drinks to persons who are already under the influence of alcohol, to minors, and particularly not to persons whom you know will later be driving.

Safe driving, everyone!