interdepartmental cooperation

The police active in the drill Krka 2009 - all bus passengers were successfully rescued out of water 20 October 2009
Police officers in Novo mesto presented their role in protection and rescue operations 19 October 2009
The police ethics code must come to life - information from the press conference on its development and importance 14 October 2009
Be Visible - activities of the police and advice to pedestrians for safer participation in traffic 2 October 2009
The "Z glavo na zabavo" (You Can Choose, Win or Lose) events started, with the cooperation of the police 21 September 2009
The Slovenian Police donated weapons from previous wars to the Museum of Recent History 16 September 2009
Twenty-one, twenty-two: Do I maintain an adequate safety distance while driving? 10 September 2009
Main celebration of the Police Day in Tacen 24 June 2009
In Slovenia, already the third Lifesaver Seminar to reduce deaths on Europe's roads 24 June 2009
Participants of the 16th Brajnik Memorial were able to master the most demanding tasks 16 June 2009
Quality and safety of Slovenian bathing waters and advices for safe bathing - information from the press conference 9 June 2009
Safe summer on Slovenian roads - information from the press conference 1 June 2009
Criminal investigation of evasion of financial obligations, criminal association and money laundering - information from the press conference 7 May 2009
On border crossing Obrežje 128 kg of marihuana discovered - information from the press conference 21 April 2009
Cooperation of institutions is of key importance when solving family violence 16 April 2009
Seizure of a large amount of anabolic steroids on Dobovec - information from the press conference 14 April 2009
International Credit Card campaign - the police, the customs and the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) take part in finding stolen vehicles 13 March 2009
Stop! Life Comes First - a preventive campaign for greater safety at level crossings 3 March 2009
Intensified control of the use of seat belts - Operation Fasten Your Life 6 February 2009
Seizure of greater quantities of anabolic steroids and heroin - police press conference 6 January 2009
Stricter traffic control and checks on drivers ability over the weekend - Do not drink and drive! 12 December 2008
Distribution of toys at the conclusion of the "Give a Toy, Get a Smile" project 11 December 2008
Firecrackers are dangerous and from this year they are completely prohibited 9 December 2008
Police employees collect almost 15,000 toys in the Give a Toy and a Smile charity campaign! 8 December 2008
Turkish lorry driver found with large quantity of heroin at Gruškovje - information from the press conference 18 November 2008
Drug seizure - information from a press conference 24 October 2008
Preventive police activities in road traffic at the beginning of the school year 28 August 2008
Opening of the exhibition Corpus Delicti in Maribor 22 August 2008
High awareness of policemen for their fellow man 14 August 2008
The New Road Traffic Safety Act Brings Positive Results 15 July 2008
Slovenian Police Seizes the Biggest Quantity of Precursors for the Production of Illegal Drug Heroin - Information from Press Conference 3 July 2008
A large amount of cocaine seized at the Port of Koper - information from the joint press conference of the Slovenian and Croatian Police and Customs Office 9 June 2008
Slovenian standards in the fight against human trafficking prove to be among the best 3 June 2008
New premises for police officers at the Ljubljana Airport Police Station 3 June 2008
Violence, What Else Can We Do? - Consultation on Domestic Violence 3 April 2008
Training of the Special Unit for Action against a Terrorist Hijacking 17 March 2008
New Agreement between the Police and Customs Administration Signed 12 March 2008