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"At the Ministry of the Interior and the police we are aware that the third life period is very important. It would be fair that it is also pleasant; however, it cannot be pleasant, if it's not safe," said the Minister for the Interior when visiting the Festival for the Third Life Period, which has been taking place in Cankarjev dom recently, including the participation of the police.

Besides the Minister for the Interior Katarina Kresal, the festival was also visited by the Deputy Director General of the Police M.A. Tatjana Bobnar and Head of the Traffic Police Division at the General Police Directorate Ivan Kapun.

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In front of the entry into Cankarjev dom, guests were greeted by the Director of the Ljubljana Police Directorate M.A. Stanislav Vrečar.

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The Minister for the Interior visited also the so-called safety park or exhibition place of the police.

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Considering that retired persons and other elderly citizens are frequently victims of various criminal offences, the police have been participating also at this year's Festival for the Third Life Period with various promotional and preventive topics and classes.

In its exhibition place, the police provided advice to visitors of all generations and ages about what they can do for their own safety. Hereby, the police exposed primarily the problems of pedestrians as the most endangered traffic participants, especially during autumn and winter.

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The Minister distributed reflectors to elderly citizens, which will make them more visible in traffic.

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The police stand drew a lot of attention.

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Sever - the Association of Police Veteran Societies also presented itself at the Festival for the Third Life Period.

The police are warning:

Since safe traffic is a result of the harmonisation of everyone appearing in it, we must respect elderly persons as equal participants in traffic and must pay special attention to them!