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Traffic safety usually deteriorates considerably during the summer tourist season, as driving in the summer is quite different from driving at other times of the year.

Higher traffic density and a diversity of traffic participants are the main characteristics of traffic in the hottest months, while speeding and drink-driving are the most common causes of accidents with the most serious consequences.

picture of heavy traffic on a motorwayIn addition to the heat and denser traffic or traffic jams, foreign drivers who come from different social backgrounds and have different driving experience, knowledge and habits are also appearing on the roads in greater numbers.

Therefore, every year between June 1 and August 31, police officers prepare several preventive and repressive measures, with which we want to ensure the safety of road traffic even in the summer months.

The summer months are the most critical. There are many drivers on the roads, crowding causes discomfort, the situation is worsened by the heat... All this affects poorer safety.

Warnings and advice from police officers

All road users are reminded during this period:

  • Despite the heat, heavy traffic and possible congestion, remain tolerant and heed the road traffic regulations! Only defensive driving can get you safely to your destination. Drivers, slowly, patiently and carefully during traffic congestions!
  • Follow the traffic information about possible congestion and waiting times at border crossing points and on roads. Information about the conditions on state roads is published by the Traffic Information Center on its website, and their operators can also be reached on the phone number 1970 or 01 518 8 518. If possible, set off when there are no traffic congestions on the roads, or choose local, regional and other, less congested road connections for your journey.
  • For longer journeys, it is recommended to plan several stops. In doing so, ventilate the vehicle well, do some exercise and enjoy some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. This is especially true if the vehicle is not equipped with air conditioning.
  • picture of vehicles in traffic congestion in heatIn the summer, drivers also experience fatigue more often, which is the result of sunlight and the heating of the car while driving. It is not good to underestimate fatigue or any first signs of feeling unwell, because you often become aware of them too late, when you are already involved in a traffic accident. So always set off rested, and if you get tired while driving, stop and rest as soon as possible. If you are taking medication, remember to take it with you. Also keep in mind that driving under the influence of psychoactive drugs can be very dangerous.
  • The most serious offences on motorways are speeding, insufficient safety distance, reversing, overtaking on the right, walking on the motorway, driving in the opposite direction and stopping on a hard shoulder when it is not necessary. All seven deadly sins on the motorway are extremely dangerous for all road users! Drivers should therefore strictly observe the special rules that apply to driving on the motorway and on roads reserved for motor vehicles.
  • Alcohol, drugs, psychoactive medicines and other psychoactive substances have a significant impact on safe and reliable participation in road traffic, so drive sober!
  • Adjust your driving speed not only to the limits in force, but also to your driving knowledge and experience, and to the characteristics and conditions of the road.
  • When driving, try to anticipate what is happening on the road and the behavior of others so that you can prepare for them in time. We particularly emphasize the importance of a sufficient safety distance, which drivers unfortunately do not pay enough attention to.
  • The use of seat belts is mandatory for drivers and passengers in cars and trucks, and the use of protective helmets is mandatory for drivers of motorcycles and motor-driven cycles.
  • While driving, be completely focused and aware of what is happening on and beside the road. Postpone any unnecessary errands in the vehicle until after you have stopped. Do not use your phone when driving!
  • Also be aware that you are not alone on the road! Not only your own safety depends on your behavior, but also the safety of all other road users. Correct lining up in a motorway traffic congestion saves lives
  • In the vicinity of settlements and in settlements, you must respect speed limits, and at marked pedestrian crossings, consider that pedestrians have the right of way and allow them to cross the road safely. Drivers, pay attention to pedestrians!
  • Summer is also characterized by frequent storms with hail. Unfortunately, some irresponsible drivers still stop their vehicles in tunnels or on hard shoulders during a storm on the motorway, turn around or even get out of their vehicles, etc. In doing so, they endanger both themselves and other road users, as traffic congestions or dangerous collisions and traffic accidents can occur. Driving in a storm and hail.
  • Call the police on the emergency telephone number 113 if you see an intoxicated or tired driver in traffic or a driver whose behavior otherwise endangers the safe flow of traffic. Police officers will take appropriate action against such a driver and thereby ensure the safety of other participants and himself.
  • drawing of a traffic sign - traffic accidentYou must minimize the chances of a traffic accident by your behaviour. When an accident does happen, whether you are involved in it yourself or someone else, you need to know how to take appropriate action so that the consequences of the accident are as mild as possible.
  • All drivers are also advised to take care of the security of their property, so that their vehicle does not become a target for thieves and burglars in a parking or rest area. Thefts at motorway rest areas.
  • Children, elderly people or people who are not able to take care of themselves must not be left in closed and locked vehicles in the heat, as this can be fatal for them!

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