international cooperation

Disbursement of EU funds 12 November 2021
Director General of the Police receives two police officers before they go on duty to Croatia 11 July 2012
The Slovenian Police train two Kosovo police officers for working with service dogs 11 June 2012
Slovenian Police Launch the Largest Operation Ever against Organised Crime Leaders - Press Release 11 May 2012
Goršek attends police chiefs conference before the start of the tourist season 10 May 2012
Slovenia hosting first international European anti-corruption training workshop 27 March 2012
Representatives of South East European police forces discuss stepping up police cooperation in the region 6 March 2012
Director General of Police Hosts Frontex Executive Director 31 January 2012
Director General of Police Attends Danube Region Police Chief Conference 24 January 2012
Slovenian, Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian Police chiefs meet in Dolga vas 16 November 2011
Goršek attends European Police Chief Task Force Meeting in Warsaw 10 November 2011
Slovenian Police train 18 police trainers from six countries for work in civilian missions 21 October 2011
Director General of the Police receives Ambassador Rosselle Franchini Sherifis 11 October 2011
Director General of the Police receives Kosovo's Deputy Minister of the Interior 3 October 2011
Goršek receives four police officers leaving for EULEX mission in Kosovo 27 September 2011
Goršek receives police officers returning from one month's work in Croatia 19 August 2011
Å inkovec receives U.S. Regional Security Officer 20 July 2011
International cooperation reveals the truth behind the murder of a 58-year old man from Trieste 13 July 2011
Slovenian and Croatian police well-prepared for the tourist season 7 July 2011
Director General of the Police receives two police officers before they go on duty in Croatia 5 July 2011
Police chiefs meet at a convention held in The Hague 1 July 2011
Goršek received attachés for internal security 7 June 2011
Service dog handlers and their four-legged companions pit their skills at the 9th annual trials 2 June 2011
Upon the occasion of the European Day for Border Guards in Warsaw the Slovenian Police is also presented 25 May 2011
Chiefs of Police of Six Countries of the Western Balkans regarding even better Police Co-operation 19 May 2011
Meeting of Chiefs of Croatian and Slovenian Uniformed Police 17 May 2011
Slovenian police officers to assist Croatian colleagues in procedures regarding Slovenian citizens 12 May 2011
Minister of the Interior and Director - General of the Police visited Slovenian Police Officers in Kosovo 10 May 2011
Praised dedication of psychologists and police peer counsellors for mutual assistance 6 May 2011
The Slovenian police takes part in a successful international investigation of illicit drug smuggling 18 April 2011
Opening of the international conference on human rights, police ethics and integrity 12 April 2011
Heads of the Slovenian and Croatian police meet in Zagreb 8 April 2011
Director General of the Slovenian Police visited by his Macedonian counterpart 6 April 2011
The Slovenian and Austrian police complete joint training for dealing with amok situations 25 March 2011
Goršek receives police officers qualifying for the first internationally certified training programme 7 March 2011
Goršek speaks on combating human trafficking at the ministerial conference in Ljubljana 28 February 2011
Representative of the Romanian police on a working visit to Ljubljana 28 February 2011
Slovene Experts Successfully Completed the Second Training for the Police of the Republic of Serbia 4 November 2010
22 police officers trained and ready to be deployed in missions 29 October 2010
Four Romanian police officers cooperate in cargo vehicles control in Slovenia 19 October 2010
Future police peacekeepers to start training 11 October 2010
Psychological support to and protection of police officers - press conference 7 October 2010
Cyber crime investigation and Iserdo case 30 July 2010
Ceremony Marking the Opening of the New Premises of the National Bureau of Investigation and the 60th Anniversary of the Journal of Criminal Investigation and Criminology 1 February 2010
Minister of the Interior and Director-General of the Police on a working visit to Macedonia 24 November 2009
Traditional commemoration "Krn - Remembrance Hike 1918-2009" 16 November 2009
Project ILECU's - help of Slovenian Police in establishing coordination points for police cooperation in Macedonia 28 October 2009
Slovenian and foreign police officers together in Frontex operation Neptun 2009 14 October 2009
National Central Bureau of Interpol Ljubljana 30 September 2009
Europol National Unit 30 September 2009