international cooperation

Heads of the Slovenian and Montenegrin police forces met in Podgorica 24 September 2009
International criminal organization engaged in cocaine trafficking detected - press conference information 21 September 2009
The Bologna process in police education 16 September 2009
Main celebration of the Police Day in Tacen 24 June 2009
In Slovenia, already the third Lifesaver Seminar to reduce deaths on Europe's roads 24 June 2009
Temporary reintroduction of border controls at internal borders - notice 12 June 2009
Cooperation of Slovenian and Croatian police officers in the Frontex operation Neptune 2009 ? information from the press conference 15 May 2009
4th conference on police cooperation between several EU states during summer tourist season in Croatia 15 May 2009
Attendees of the main criminal training course organised by Central European Police Academy in Slovenia this week 14 May 2009
Slovenian police officers exposed a criminal association and seized the largest quantity of ecstasy so far - information from the press conference 13 May 2009
Cooperation between the Finnish and Slovenian investigators in the Patria case - police response 9 May 2009
The international conference on migration also considered the misuse of procedures to obtain work permits and residence permits 17 April 2009
Disclosure of an international criminal network, which was smuggling illegal immigrants - information from the press conference 2 April 2009
At Brdo, Experts From Slovenia and Abroad Talk About Road Traffic Safety 26 February 2009
The Frontex Agency Project Team draws up a manual for service dog handlers 10 February 2009
Reception of the Swiss Police Attache 21 January 2009
Slovenian police officers in Kosovo celebrate Independence and Unity Day 30 December 2008
The Slovenian police takes part in the Lifesaver project to reduce deaths on Europe-s roads 3 December 2008
Concluding meeting of the Prüm working group within the context of Slovenia-s Presidency of the EU 25 November 2008
Pivka 2008, international tactical exercise of special police units 30 October 2008
Representatives of the department for training police dogs and of the Uniformed Police Directorate visited their Croatian colleagues 27 October 2008
Drug seizure - information from a press conference 24 October 2008
Representatives of the Security and Protection Office attend advanced training for security vehicles 10 October 2008
Kras 2008, Joint Operation by Slovenian and other European Police Forces and Frontex Agency 10 October 2008
Heads of the Slovenian Criminal Police at the 77th Interpol General Assembly 10 October 2008
Representative of UNMIK mission visits Priština traffic police officers 2 October 2008
Standardisation of police dog procedures in the protection of the external borders of the European Union 1 October 2008
Police and UNHCR Sign Cooperation Agreement 1 October 2008
Police motorcyclists demonstrated their skill at the 5th annual motorcycle trials; 15th anniversary of trials; special exhibition and promotional tour 26 September 2008
The Special Unit visits Belgrade 24 September 2008
International police cooperation successfully uncovers arms smuggling ring - information from press conference 18 September 2008
The Conference of Signatories of the Convention on Police Cooperation in South-Eastern Europe Determines Ljubljana as the Seat of the Secretariat 17 July 2008
Achievements of Slovenian Presidency Presented in the Framework of the European Police Chiefs Task Force (EPCTF) 14 July 2008
Head of Swiss Police Visits Director General of the Slovenian Police 9 July 2008
Slovenian Police Seizes the Biggest Quantity of Precursors for the Production of Illegal Drug Heroin - Information from Press Conference 3 July 2008
Celebration of National Police Day in Gotenica 20 June 2008
Dolga Vas Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation and Murska Sobota Police Station for Compensatory Measures share newly constructed offices 18 June 2008
A large amount of cocaine seized at the Port of Koper - information from the joint press conference of the Slovenian and Croatian Police and Customs Office 9 June 2008
JHA Council approves conclusions on external border management, and completes the integration of the Prüm Treaty into the Union-s legal framework 5 June 2008
Meeting of the Slovenian and Croatian Police in Metlika 4 June 2008
European Crime Prevention network for a safer European Union (en/fr) 4 June 2008
Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation in Dolga Vas commences work 2 June 2008
Provision of security for EURO 2008 - information from the joint press conference of the Slovenian and Austrian police 30 May 2008
Representatives of Ukrainian national institutions for combating corruption visit Slovenian Police 29 May 2008
International cooperation by police in the area of traffic safety and road traffic safety situation 23 May 2008
Conference on cooperation with police forces during the summer tourist season in Croatia 23 May 2008
European Police Chiefs (EPCTF) for better operational cooperation between police forces (en/fr) 22 May 2008
Formal Meeting of the SIS-Tech Working Party (en/fr) 21 May 2008
European Police College (CEPOL) Governing Board discusses 2007 Work Report (en/fr) 21 May 2008
Europol Management Board Meeting Held at Brdo (en/fr) 20 May 2008